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XYZ Technology Corporation provides SuLo charge-on-the-go rental portable charger services for smartphones or small electron devices.  Every SuLo comes with Lightning, Micro USB, USB-C built-in cables.

SuLo Access

We are located in the popular parts of cities. You can rent and return at any SuLo portable charger stations. Very flexible! Our fast charge technology allows your phone to be fully charged in about an hour.

SuLo Green

Our rental services reduce the purchase of portable chargers in the market. We create a fund for people who do not have mobile phones.

Our SuLo XYZ
Portable Charger

Light Easy Fast
Size: 5.2in (H) * 2.7in (W) * 0.6in (W)
Weight: 0.31 lbs
Device Capability

Lightning, Mirco USB, USB-C
We support most mobile phones or small electron devices

Power Station

8 portable charger slots
Size: 10.2in (L) * 7.0in (W) * 8.6in (H)
Weight: 9.9lbs Power: 60W
Built-in Advertising System 10.1HD LED Screen with customizable voice support feature.
Associated APP

Available at IOS and Android APP Stores

How to Use
Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. How Long Can I Rent A Portable Charger?

    The rent timer begins 5 minutes after a portable charger has been rented. A rental period that is less than 60 minutes will be rounded up as an hour.
    A rental fee plus tax will apply for every 24 hours of keeping our device.
    0 - 24 hours maximum charge is $6 plus tax
    24 - 48 hours maximum charge is $9 plus tax
    48 - 72 hours maximum charge is $21 plus tax
    The maximum rental charge is $36 for 72 hours. After 3 days, your rental duration has expired, and your portable charger is considered purchased.

  • 2. What Is The Consequence Of Not Returning The Portable Charger?

    Failure to return the portable charger on time has resulted in a purchasing fee of $36 (plus tax). You may keep it or choose to return the unit back to SuLo XYZ power station. If this happens, each 24 hours' maximum rental fee is accumulated until the total of $36 plus tax will be charged on your payment.
    A portable charger can be rented for up to 72 hours at $36. After 3 days, your rental duration has expired, and your portable charger is considered purchased.
    The portable charger can be continued to be charged with a computer, or a standard Micro USB cable plugged into a wall outlet.

  • 3. Why Is There A $1.50 Charge To Activate My Account?

    SuLo XYZ will charge $1.50 to verify your method of payment. This $1.5 will be a credit towards your first rental hour. This is to ensure you have an active credit or debit card on file. You must link a valid method of payment to rent a portable charger.

  • 4. Will There Be A Hold Placed On My Card?

    No. We will not place a hold on your credit or debit card.

  • 5. Where Should I Return My Portable Charger?

    Return it to any available spot that shows on the map and ensure the spot has a slot available. Please remember to insert the plug side downward.

  • 6. What Are The Payment Methods Accepted By SuLo XYZ?

    SuLo XYZ APP accepts Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and Apple Pay.

  • 7. Are Portable Chargers Safe?

    SuLo XYZ portable charger is a secure system that allows for electricity flow, not data transmission. We never collect personal data.  XYZ represents and warrants that no personal data and/or personally identifiable information of any end- user is gathered through use of the licensed property, and the customer agrees not to collect any personal data in connection with use of the licensed property.

  • 8. May I Rent Multiple Portable Chargers?

    An account can only rent one portable charger at a time.

  • 9. How Do I Confirm The Portable Charger Has Been Returned?

    Please insert the cable before returning the portable charger and place the portable charger back in the station with the plug side downward. The Power Station will ring if the return is successful. You may also check your rental status on the “Rental History” page on the app. The return is successful only when the status shows "Completed".

  • 10. What If You Scanned And Paid, But Are Unable To Charge Your Device When The Cable Is Properly Plugged In?

    When this happens, you will have 5 minutes to put it back on the station.

  • 11. Is There Any Reminder For The Amount Of Time I Have Used?

    Yes, we will send you a notification every 24 hour until the max usage time of 72 hours.

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